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KMotion/KFLOP Executive Software Screens

Bode Plot Screen

GCode Screen

C Program Screen

IIR Filter Screen

Configuration and FLASH Screen

Step Response Screen

Console Screen

Axis Screen

KFLOP (8-Axis Controller)


Quick Start/USB Driver Installation

HW/SW Specification

Board Layout

Block Diagram

Hardware/Connector Description

Analog IO Screen Digital IO Screen
Functional Diagram Virtual COM Port Driver Installation


Servo Flow Diagram

Driver Library Routines

Script Commands

Driver Library Flow Diagram

Using Multiple Boards

Preemptive Multi-tasking

.NET Interface RS232/UART
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G Code Viewer Screen
G Code Viewer Setup Screen Tool Setup Screen
TP Corner Rounding Control KMotionCNC from KFLOP
MCodes with Parameters Geo Correction Table
Embedded/Buffered IO Commands Spindle Control
Fiducial Alignment Using Multiple Configurations


Mach3 Plugin

Mach3 Encoder Setup
Mach3 G31 Probe Setup Passing DROs
Mach3 Rigid Tapping  

KSTEP (Stepper Driver)


KStep Hardware/Connectors

Block Diagram of KSTEP Board Layout
KStep Use and Settings KStep Basics Tutorial

Kanalog (Servo Drive I/O)


Kanalog Hardware/Connectors

BlockDiagram Board Layout
Kanalog Use and Settings  

Konnect (Opto-ISO I/O)


Konnect Hardware/Connectors

Block Diagram Board Layout
Software PWM to Analog Example  

SnapAmp (Multi-Purpose Amp)

SnapAmp Use and Settings

SnapAmp Hardware/Connectors

SnapAmp Plotting Example  

KNozz (3D Printer Extruder Nozzle)



Hardware/Connectors Block Diagram
Board Layout Converting a milling machine to a 3D printer


Step and Direction Output Mode Brush Motor/SnapAmp Example
Closed Loop Step/Dir Output Mode Resolver as User Input Mode
Data Gather Example  


Step and Direction

Brush Motor with SnapAmp

Resolver with KMotion Nonlinear Kinematics
IR Remote Control How Parameters can be Set
KSTEP 4-Axis Stepper Amp Our videos on YouTube


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