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Justin Brady (US)
Used KFlop and Kanalog to upgrade a 1998 Dyna EM3116 Mill to the 21st century.
Overall a simple and smooth experience. The only issues I had were either of my own making or with old components. The Dynomotion stuff is top notch and performs exceptionally at a fantastic price point. I'm now actively looking for more old machines to give the dynomotion treatment!
4th April 2018 1:48pm
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Mike (US)
Good hardware, bad software and support. I work with CNC control systems as a part of my job. This system is difficult to setup due to a lack of proper documentation. The documentation available is not well organized and not very clear. I use and have written technical manuals for many years, these are terrible. The company cannot decide if it is making a product for hobbyists who want to sit around figuring things out or if they want to make a product for a professional who should be able to ... Read More
19th March 2018 10:41am
Adolfo (Spain)
Hi Mike, bad support?? and I suppose that also seems expensive too... I do not feel identified with your comment (and think i´m not the only one), and feel that it is a contempt to the work that these people do, if an amateur can configure this hardware and a professional does not, I´m so sorry very much for the professional, it´s not a "ready to fly" products but is more powerful and adaptable that other options in the market.

kind regards
20th March 2018 3:22am
Mike (US)
I agree that it is more adaptable than other products on the market. That's why I ended up using it. However, when you've used some of the other products available that have been developed by larger, more experienced companies you see that the documentation and support for this is limited (extremely). The simple fact that you have to wait, sometimes days, for an email response about any issues is dreadful to me. No real company releases a product and expects customers to have to wait ... Read More
27th March 2018 7:16am
Mike (US)
I think a lot of people here have experience running CNC machines. If you do, you'll understand this: CNC machines have the ability to show you the distance remaining to move before you reach your next commanded position. In other words, if your G code commands a move from X0. to X10. while your machine is traversing between those points you can access a mode in which the controls displays the distance remaining before you reach X10. I was just told by Tom that his product does not have ... Read More
27th March 2018 11:26am
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Jerry (US)
If anyone gives this product less than a 5, it is because they do not understand the technical aspects of this technology. No manufacturer makes anything even close to the capability and versatility these boards are capable of. Yes they are complex, however the rewards are great too using Dynomotion products. The quality of this product along with support (manuals and Forums) is superb!
I use Kflop, Kstep and Kconnect boards and they are worth every cent.
25th February 2018 4:55pm
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Michael Gimbel (US)
The example example programs do not compile. This has set me back considerably.

It is important that libraries and example programs work as claimed. While I understand the difficulty of creating such a library and example programs, others have had the same problems as well -- which have also not been resolved.

If fixed this would be an excellent product.
17th July 2017 4:24pm
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Tom Kerekes
Sorry to hear you are disappointed. Have you contacted our support or posted the issue on our Yahoo Group or cnczone forum? Have you tried the latest Test Release?
18th July 2017 9:24am
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Michael Gimbel (US)
I figured everything out -- it doesn't seem to get along with Visual Studio 2017. I ended up switching to 2015 and everything worked with a little bit of effort. Sorry for the bad review... feel free to delete it. Will be ordering more KFLOPs in the future.
26th September 2017 2:10am
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Gabriel Hernanadez (Mexico)
HI!! I am looking for a good controller to retrofit my Lathe. Do you recomend Kflop for this aplicatio? Is Kflop capable for threading'
Thanks... Gabriel Hernandez
4th August 2016 12:01pm
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