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Konnect — Optical I/O Expansion Board

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Konnect expands the I/O for KFLOP/Kogna by adding 16 optically isolated outputs and 32 optically isolated inputs for high-voltage I/O applications and for situations where there is a potential for spikes in voltage that need to be isolated from KFLOP/Kogna. This makes expansion of KFLOP/Kogna to high-quantity industry-standard 24V optically isolated I/O easy and low cost. Add as many as 4 Konnects for up to 192 channels of I/O.

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Outputs are all fully isolated for sinking or sourcing current independently per output channel. Maximum output current of 0.25A permits driving of up to 6W relays, solenoids, or other loads directly. Inputs are grouped into 4 independent banks to allow each bank to be driven from a different source, voltage, or polarity. Each input bank has a separate common that can be used as common anode or common cathode. No configuration or jumpers are required as each input can accept either a positive or negative voltage. LEDs on all 32 inputs and 16 outputs make troubleshooting problems easy. 72 pluggable 5mm pitch screw terminals are included. Simple 16-pin ribbon connection to KFLOP/Kogna provides all required signals and power. High speed deterministic update rate of 180us per board.

The input consists of an AC type of optocoupler in series with an LED indicator and a 4Kohm resistor. The AC type of input allows the common to be connected to either the positive or negative supply voltage so that sinking or sourcing outputs can be used. Each of the 16 outputs is completely isolated with a + and - terminal. When active the output passes current from the + to - terminals much like a relay contact would.o KFLOP/Kogna provides all required signals and power. High speed deterministic update rate of 180us per board.

Please view our on-line documentation for full details.


  • (32) Opto Isolated Inputs 4 .75V - 25V
  • (16) Opto Isolated Outputs 25V @ 0.25Amps
  • (48) LED Indicators on all I/O
  • (72) Screw Terminals - 5mm - Pluggable
  • Expandable to 4 Boards for 192 I/O
  • Inputs and Outputs Support Sourcing or Sinking
  • Outputs Guaranteed Off on Power Up
  • High and Deterministic Update Rate


Konnect Block Diagram

Konnect Hardware

Function Parameter Specification
Inputs Number
Input Resistance Banks
Bank Commons
32 Inputs
Full Opto Isolation
4.75V min On Voltage, 25V max allowed Voltage
2V Max Off Voltage
4K Ohms
4 Banks of 8 Inputs per bank
Common Anode or Cathode (Inputs activate with + or - voltage relative to Common)
Outputs Number
Max Voltage
Max Current
On Voltage Drop
16 Outputs
Full Opto Isolation
Darlington Transistor
0.6V max @ 2ma
0.9V max @ 0.25A
Connectors JP8 Aux Bus to KFLOP/Kogna
Input Commons
J2 Power
IN0, IN1, IN2, IN3
16 pin Header (IDC 0.1 inch pitch)
4 pin Pluggable Screw Terminal 5mm pitch
4 pin Pluggable Screw Terminal 5mm pitch
8 pin Pluggable Screw Terminal 5mm pitch
8 pin Pluggable Screw Terminal 5mm pitch
Logic Supplies Voltage VDD5
Max Current
Voltage VDD33
Max Current
Voltage VDD12
Max Current
+5V ±10%
+3.3 ±10%
(not used internally)
Environment Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
0-40° C
0-40° C
20-90% Relative Humidity, non-condensing
Lead Free RoHS
Dimensions Length
8.0 inches (203 mm)
3.5 inches (89 mm)
0.75 inches (19 mm)

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