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You will find that our control boards offer exceptional value when compared to the competition. Free software libraries, .NET, and free tuning and configuration software makes interfacing to your application a snap.  Or use our free KMotionCNC Application customized for your equipment.


16-Axis Controller
Kogna 16-Axis Ethernet Controller
Our flagship controller, Kogna, features a DSP-based microcontroller with 2.7 GFLOPs of processing power, Ethernet, a 400k Gate FPGA, 128 Mb SDRAM, 16 axes of control, lots of Analog and Digital I/O, RS422/485 and the ability to program in C and do path planning with G-Code. 
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Kogna - $599 +tax, S&H.
Incl. free 3' Ethernet and 1.5' Micro-USB cable


8-Axis Controller
KFLOP 8-Axis Motion Controller
KFLOP features a DSP/FPGA based controller with 1.2 GFLOPs of processing power, 64-bit floating point, 8 axes of control, 90us update all axes, lots of I/O, advanced trajectory planning, kinematics, G-Code, and the ability to custom program in C.
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KFLOP - $299 +tax, S&H.
Incl. free 6' USB cable.



Servo Drive I/O

Kanalog Servo Drive I/O

Kanalog is an expansion board for KFLOP/Kogna that adds six types of powerful I/O - enough to control a complete system such as a mill or router, in many cases. It's these capabilities that make Kanalog our most popular expansion board for KFLOP.
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Kanalog - $299 +tax, S&H


Opto-Iso I/O Konnect Optical I/O Expander for KFLOP
Konnect expands the I/O for KFLOP/Kogna by adding 16 optically isolated outputs and 32 optically isolated inputs for high-voltage I/O applications. This makes expansion of KFLOP to high-quantity industry-standard 24V optically isolated I/O easy and low cost. Expandable to 4 Boards for 192 I/O.
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Konnect - $249 +tax, S&H



Stepper Driver
KSTEP 4-Axis Stepper Driver for KFLOP
KStep is a KFLOP/Kogna expansion board designed specifically for plug-and-play stepper motor control. With only a motor power supply, stepper motors and the KFLOP/Kogna+KStep you have all you need to start controlling 4 motors (or 8 with 2 KSteps).
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KStep - $249 +tax, S&H



Multi-Purpose Amp SnapAmp Multi-Purpose Amp
The SnapAmp is a high-performance, easy to use, high efficiency, dual/quad, high-powered amplifier with additional I/O expansion. 8 opto-isolated inputs, 4 differential encoder inputs, 14 LVTTL General Purpose Inputs or Outputs.
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SnapAmp - $499 +tax, S&H



3D Printer Extruder Nozzle

KNozz 3D Printer Extruder Nozzle

KNozz is designed to control the Nozzle Heater and Bed Heater for an Extrusion Type 3D Printer. Provides two Thermistor Inputs to allow KFLOP/Kogna to monitor the temperature of both the Extruder Nozzle and Bed Heater Platform.  12-bit ADC converter provides better than 1 degree C temperature repeatability.
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KNozz - $149 +tax, S&H

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