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Ed (US)
Bad support ?? He must need Picture books.
7th November 2019 7:15pm
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Andrei Georgescu
Working with the Dynomotion KFLOP motion controller while preparing our biological tissue models for launch aboard SpaceX CRS17 to the International Space Station as a part of NIH/NCATS Chips in Space initiative was without a doubt the smoothest and most reliable portion of our engineering implementation. It is incredible how quickly we were able to integrate 32 independent linear axes across 4 KFLOP units to create a fluid handling system for our on-site ground support equipment, responsible ... Read More
14th May 2019 11:22am
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Georgios Astras (Greece)
Very good product, with highly customizability.One can program the board to fit exactly the application. I already have install more than 10 Kflop+kanalog boards on mills, plasma cutting tables and other cnc machines.
The support from mr. Tom is excellent.
3rd March 2019 1:58am
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Bob Kramer (US)
I'm old. I've dealt with all types. This outfit is the best ever. #1 by a mile.

I bought a KFLOP and a KStep to retrofit a router table. They provide limitless potential and cost much less than other alternatives. Every obstacle was caused by my lack of understanding. Support and product are flawless.
29th December 2018 8:10am
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Adam Cohen (US)
I bought two KFLOP boards and one KONNECT board, and have received nothing but prompt and outstanding support (not being a C programmer, for example, or using non-standard limit switches, I've needed quite a bit of handholding). The capabilities of the hardware are also tremendous. I couldn't recommend Dynomotion more highly.
24th May 2018 3:23pm
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Ben Stevenson (Canada)
Our company has been using Dynomotion products for years. The incredible and continuous support we have received is one of the major reasons why we keep coming back to use Tom's fantastic control cards.
25th April 2018 12:24pm
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Anton (Russia)
Very good support. Make changes in to soft opening more possibility, and friendly support maker very helping. Also, the quality of the products is superior and the software is very user-friendly. I recommend this product.
12th April 2018 11:44pm
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S Zhang (Canada)
Very good experience with their KFLOP and KSTEP. The quality of the products is superior and the software is very user-friendly. I also got the best customer support I could ever asked for.
8th April 2018 4:59pm
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Mike (US)
Good hardware, bad software and support. I work with CNC control systems as a part of my job. This system is difficult to setup due to a lack of proper documentation. The documentation available is not well organized and not very clear. I use and have written technical manuals for many years, these are terrible. The company cannot decide if it is making a product for hobbyists who want to sit around figuring things out or if they want to make a product for a professional who should be able to ... Read More
19th March 2018 10:41am
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