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Celebrating Over 20 Years in Business

Dynomotion was incorporated and began selling our own motion control products in 2002. Since then we have sold over 10,000 boards to customers around the world covering a wide variety of applications.

Great Products, Great Service

Our philosophy is simple, we put our effort into making great products and following up with great customer service. Period. We spend very little money on marketing because we don't need to spend a lot. We feel that if we delight our customers, they will become our best spokespeople.

Local Manufacturing

Our products are designed and tested in California. We source components for our boards from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry and oversee the manufacturing of our circuit boards here in California. Doing it this way gives us control over the quality of our products.

Products Based on User Feedback

As mentioned, we produced our first control board in 2002. Based on customer feedback, we modified and iterated on that design until we arrived at our KFLOP Controller in 2009 a very flexible and powerful platform. Since then we have expanded our product suite based on the requests of our customers as well as added tremendous software capability. Now in 2022 we offer our Kogna Controller with software/hardware compatibility with KFLOP but with an order of magnitude greater capability in performance and capability. Where do we go next? We have our own ideas, but we are also listening to your requests for follow-on products. Send us an e-mail and give us your thoughts.

Conflict Minerals Statement

The term 'conflict minerals' refers to Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten, and Gold (3TG) used in the manufacture of electronic components that are sourced from regions where human rights have been impacted as a direct result of the mining and trading of these minerals.

As part of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, Congress legislated that companies that file with SEC and manufacture products that use any 3TG mineral are required to file reports disclosing use of conflict minerals. While Dynomotion is not required to file conflict mineral reports under this rule, we do support the spirit of the legislation and have taken steps to identify to the best of our ability those suppliers who are both cooperating with the legistlation and actively taking steps to reduce or eliminate conflict minerals in their supply chain. As a downstream manufacturer of electronics components, Dynomotion has little influence on the upstream supply chain and, in some cases, we have limited choices for the supply of certain components, but as supporters of human rights everywhere we will take steps to reduce or eliminate conflict minerals in our supply chain wherever and whenever possible.

To date, none of Dynomotion's suppliers have component-level information regarding use of 3TG and so it is unknown to what extent conflict minerals may have made it into our products. However, suppliers are working on improving their information and have, in many cases, identified supply chain smelters and the respective conflict minerals sourcing status of those smelters. Dynomotion has identified 38 suppliers of components for our products. 20 of those suppliers have made reports available. 8 suppliers indicate their supply chain is 100% conflict free. 7 suppliers indicate they have reason to believe conflict minerals are in their supply chain, but have no way to know exactly which components are made with that supply and are working to eliminate conflict minerals from their supply. The remaining 23 suppliers have been unable to determine the use of 3TG in their supply chain and are in the process of discovery.

Dynomotion is committed to use suppliers that are certified as 100% conflict free when possible.

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