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What is KFLOP?

KFLOP is an easy-to-use stand-alone motion control board that allows you to control motors in an open-loop fashion or based on input from sensors, switches, encoders, etc. So you can use the KFLOP to control CNC machines, robotic arms, assembly line mechanisms, autonomous vehicles, and the list goes on.

In developing our flagship control board we wanted to offer accuracy, flexibility and capability for a reasonable price. What we achieved is a DSP-based microcontroller with 1.2 GFLOPs of processing power, a 100k Gate FPGA, 16 Mb SDRAM, 8 axes of control, lots of I/O and the ability to program in C and do path planning with G-Code for only $249. In addition, we throw in free software that has prepackaged filters and routines allowing full tuning capability for high-accuracy applications. You can begin controlling your mechanisms in minutes right out of the box.

In addition to free software, when you order a KFLOP you will receive a free 6ft USB cable for every KFLOP that you order.
Over the last 3 years, KFLOP has accumulated hundreds of satisfied customers around the world who are using the KFLOP for a number of applications. In particular, the CNC community has embraced the KFLOP to run a wide variety of mills, presses, lathes, and other machining equipment.

KFLOP is easily customizable to control a variety of motor types (DC Brush Motors, Brushless Motors, Stepper Motors) as well as other physical devices. KFLOP provides low-latency, guaranteed, real-time deterministic response. Because KFLOP is a stand-alone controller, it relieves a host controller from real-time requirements (i.e. Windows is not real-time, KFLOP is).

When combined with our free software, KFLOP offers a complete motion control solution to generate Step and Direction pulses for use with 3rd Party Motor Amplifiers. Or connect up to 2 Dynomotion SnapAmps™ that "snap" to the KFLOP generating current to up to 25 Amps per axis. Other applications will benefit from connecting our Kanalog I/O expansion board. Both the SnapAmp and Kanalog™ boards enable the use of Differential Encoders, among other things. For intense stepper motor applications, our KSTEP may be the perfect add-on to your KFLOP.

Here are just a few highlights of the KFLOP:
  • Real-time motion control that relieves the host computer of that duty
  • High Performance 1.2 GFLOP DSP
  • 64-bit Double Precision Hardware Math
  • All 8 axes are sampled every 90 microseconds
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed Host interface (or run stand alone)
  • 16 MBytes RAM
  • Digital I/O

Check out some videos on YouTube to see what other users have done:

Please view our on-line documentation for full details
$249 USD Plus Tax, S&H
Free 6 foot USB cable with every KFLOP
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Example Applications:
  • CNC machining (build a CNC from the ground-up or retrofit with a KFLOP)
    • Mills
    • Lathes
    • Brakepresses
    • Grinders
    • Spinners
    • Routers
    • Saws
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Camera Control
  • Pick-and-place
  • Data Acquisition

Example Input/Outputs:
  • Analog Motor Amplifiers
  • Step/Direction Drives
  • PWM (Pulse-Width Modulated) Drives
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Encoders
  • Analog Sensors

KFLOP Hardware Breakdown







TMS320C67-200MHz DSP 1.2GFLOP

32/64-Bit Native Floating Point

FLASH 2 MBytes

SDRAM 16 Mbytes



USB 2.0 Full Speed


I/O General Purpose

I/O Com

Aux#0 IO

Aux#1 IO


System Power

26 pin Header

8 pin RJ45

16 pin Header

16 pin Header

Type B

Molex 4-pin (Disk drive type)

Servo Loop

Sample Rate


Feed Forward


PID + (3) IIR bi-quad Stages/Axis

Acceleration + Velocity






Logic Supply


Max Current

Typical Current

+5V ±10%


0.35 A

User I/O




46 Gen Purpose LVTTL (24 are 5V Tolerant)

(8)  single-ended, 1 MHz

(8) 60KHz or prescaled by 1-256


Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

0-40° C

0-40° C
20-90% Relative Humidity, non-condensing





3.5 inches (89mm)

5.0 inches (127 mm)

0.75inches (19 mm)

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