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Ajith Arawinth.M (India)
we are planning on builting a new desktop robot using Kflop which is a 4 axis Bot. The axes are driven by servo. But we have an issues with selecting the Kflop components. Can you suggest what are the Kflop components required to run a 4 axes robot?. Is it possible to run a servo motor with encoder directly with Kflop board without an separate drives for it? Is there any servo motors with encoder can you suggest that is suitable for Kflop board? If we are need to but a servo motor with encoder ... Read More
30th August 2023 4:54am
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Adolfo (Spain)
You only need a kflop board to do that, the board can control the 4 encoder outputs of the motors to make a closed loop, the Kflop board is a control board, not a power board, the motors need their own driver (with external encoder output, if needed), check the wiki and the documentation of the board first, the board is very powerful, but you need to know some C language to program it, regards
30th August 2023 5:27am
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Robert Forlani (Australia)
I've been designing & building cnc type machines for the past 30 years or so. As you can imagine, I've played with many different controllers, drives, software, etc in that time. I purchased my first KFlop system about 6 years ago. Since then, I've not bothered nor found a need to use an alternate controller :) A big thankyou to Dynomotion. The KFlop hardware and software systems "were" the best. I loved the flexibility, power and openness the most. I said ... Read More
30th July 2023 11:01pm
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Jim T (US)
I have been using Dynomotion products for nearly 20 years of designing and building custom machinery.

I don't know of any other motion control platform that comes close to the cost/performance/flexibility offered here.

The new Kogna board pushes this to the next level with ethernet, analog IO, and the huge compliment of differential drivers and receivers.

4th May 2023 1:51am
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Laurence Williams (New Zealand)
Your products have been instrumental in the development of my own small business, allowing me to use technology to innovate and push boundaries in a way that simply would not have been possible without your company’s products, and the exceptional and timely support from Tom. I have been using KFlop, KStep, and Konnect boards for over 6 years; chiefly as a cost effective way to replace and upgrade proprietary hardware in an older CNC machine. I have also built an entire new machine for ... Read More
6th March 2023 11:34am
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Roberto (Italy)
We are using KFlop, Kanalog and Konnect while developing a new machine (Electric cabinet milling center)
The boards are designed and manufactured to perfection, and the software allows an exceptional level of customisation.
Special thanks to Tom for the speedy and high quality support
20th December 2022 12:38pm
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Larry Smith (US)
I have used Kflops with Kanalog hardware for three different home-built mills over the years. My first one used mostly software templates provided. The second one required that I get deeper into C programming, relying on examples. Now on this third one I am programming a custom tool changer and implementing extensive error/exception handling. During this whole adventure the hardware speed and stability has been great. I have especially appreciated Tom’s prompt support when I have needed ... Read More
16th December 2022 12:38pm
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jared catchpaugh (Canada)
dynomotion Kflop in my opinion is the best motion controller out there
22nd November 2022 9:06am
MS Machining Services (China)
You are providing very good information about machining. I like your work. And win people's hearts. I don't have words to praise you more. Thank you.
<a href="">Best CNC Machining services</a>
13th September 2022 2:22am
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Francois (India)
I have been trying a few controllers to retrofit CNCs, Kflop is definitely the most powerful and reliable. Its approach is completely different to many others as you need to program yourself all aspects of your machine, that requires time and skill but Tom is always helpful. At the end you get your machine as you want and as it should be, forget mach3-4 !

28th August 2022 9:23am
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