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Adolfo (Spain)
At present i have 3 kflop board (the first on 2012) for and ATC router, and ATC lathe and an wire EDM (under construction) I'm not a programmer (I would like underline this) and I only have praises for this motion control board AND for the technical support of Tom and all your staff, this is extremely important, the program is constantly being updated, adding new features, and fixing bugs, helping users in their particular applications, all in a short time, about the board it's a ... Read More
6th November 2014 11:32am
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Troy (US)
After my first retrofit of a CNC knee mill with steppers and glass scales(2008 time frame),i was searching for a way to close the loop. Came across the KFLOP board and was amazed how well the stepper closed loop works. The support from Tom is the best i have ever seen...when a wall appears he stomps it down flat and keeps going. I have said this about very few people. Currently using a KFLOP on my mill/drill stepper with glass scales at home. Here is a link to it, the page is a little out of ... Read More
4th November 2014 5:31pm
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Peter Cats (Holland)
We use the Kflop cards for different projects, running 7 different programs at the same time on one card helped a lot in our projects. The support is ok, documentation about some programming aspects could be a little better in some cases. But it is a great product.
24th October 2014 10:24am
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Darren Gladysz (Canada)
I own 2 kflops, one for my cnc router and another for my cnc mill. The product and support are simply outstanding. Tom really goes way out of his way to quickly and expertly respond to all your questions. Kflp is an amazing and extremely versatile product. New features and addons are constantly added to improve the features and versatility of the product. This is a professional grade product with top quality components. I am a very happy customer and highly recommend this product.
21st October 2014 10:46pm
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I have a KFlop since a couple of years and used it to build a milling machine. I'm really happy with the KFlop, it's programmable and has all the features I need. I plan to expand the sistem with a KAnalog later on. The support is fantastic! Definitly the best support ever. Tom never lets you alone. He not only answers patiently all questions that are asked again and again, but even updates the code every time a user makes a reasonable comment. In no time, a new version that corrects ... Read More
21st October 2014 3:38pm
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Ricochet (US)
Kflop - Konnect - Kanalog - Kmotion
My project was a retrofit to a Aciera F5CNC. I removed all electrical and control items and replace the controller with Dynomotion products and couldn't be happier with the results. Look for it on youtube.

Great products, Excellent Support!
Lot's of information and support thru Dynomotion User Groups. Tom is the best!
Looking forward to my next project, Would and have recommend to others.
Thank You for making my project successful!
21st October 2014 10:44am
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Sam Marrocco (US)
The hardware works exactly as promised. The software works exactly as promised. Support is excellent...Any time I've asked a question, either directly or via the newsgroup it has been answered, usually within 24 hours. Exceptional support and attention to detail--I never get half-answers. System could use a few more basic examples for beginners and links between examples and code, but Dynomotion has always filled in those blanks with fast email support. I wrote a CNC milling application in ... Read More
21st October 2014 10:37am
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Jack Gizienski (US)
When you buy a CNC product there are 2 critical aspects to consider, are you getting a quality product and does the company provide support. Tom and the staff at Dynomotion knocked both of these requirements out of the park. Having spent a good deal of my career building circuit boards I can tell you the quality of the product is impeccable. When it comes to support there are 2 users groups, one on CNC Zone and one on Yahoo. Tom, the CEO, personally monitors and responds to questions and ... Read More
21st October 2014 9:13am
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