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Michael Gimbel (US)
I figured everything out -- it doesn't seem to get along with Visual Studio 2017. I ended up switching to 2015 and everything worked with a little bit of effort. Sorry for the bad review... feel free to delete it. Will be ordering more KFLOPs in the future.
26th September 2017 2:10am
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Gabriel Hernanadez (Mexico)
HI!! I am looking for a good controller to retrofit my Lathe. Do you recomend Kflop for this aplicatio? Is Kflop capable for threading'
Thanks... Gabriel Hernandez
4th August 2016 12:01pm
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Adolfo (Spain)
Gabriel this board and the support are excellent, the program come with many kind of examples and if you know C language (highly recommended) you could achieve impressive things. About your question, yes, you can do threading at right, at left, conical threaded, eccentric, constant speed surface (CSS), Automatic Tool Change..

example threading

example with G96 function (CSS)
4th August 2016 2:01pm
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Gabriel Hernanadez (Mexico)
Gracias por tus comentarios. Acabamos de encargar el Kflop junto con el Kanalog.
Creo fue una buena eleccion, no soy experto programando C, pero creo saldre avante con la programacion. Gracias....Gabriel Hernandez
10th October 2016 6:28pm
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Federico de la Cruz (Argentina)
Amazing products! Bought a Kflop and Kanalog for a Mazak V-10 retrofit, no machine hardware update need. Uses original drives, tachogenerators and RESOLVERS for servo closed loop,resolver accuracy(electric)0.002 mm. Works perfect even with very complicated shapes and high speed. The servo tuning is very easy. I strongly recommend to use KMotionCNC, the trajectory planner works perfect. Anyone who needs help with similar machine, just send email: Very pleased with the ... Read More
30th May 2016 6:23pm
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Gary Styger (South Africa)
I am currently completing my post-graduate work and I constructed a 3-axis milling machine as part of the scope of work. I initially purchased a motion controller and stepper driver that was recommended to me. Initially it ran well and then the USB connection would disconnect and when re-connecting miss commands in the Gcode. There was no support for this product so I was stuck. I then did investigation and came across the Kflop and Kstep. I wrote numerous e-mails to Tom asking question after ... Read More
25th May 2016 1:07pm
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Jean-Luc Michaud (Canada)
I designed and built a 5-axis hot wire foam cutting machine for a project at school. I am a mechanical engineering student, so C-Code and motor control was obviously not my speciality. However, I still chose to buy the KFLOP and two KSTEPS, and I am extremely happy with my choice. The documentation on the website is very complete. Each time that I had a specific question, Tom answered to me within an hour with THE solution to my problem. The KSTEPS are running like magic. They produce almost ... Read More
31st December 2015 6:28pm
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Best of the best product
3rd September 2015 2:08pm
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Cole Larson (US)
I replaced a Dynapath 10 on my Bridgeport mill with kflop+kanalog. The process went without a hitch over a month or so of weekends and the system is a joy to use. The machine is smoother, easier to program and much more accurate.

I can't comment on the support because I HAVEN'T HAD TO USE IT YET!!!!

This is the best product on the market today to use when replacing old CNC controllers!.
6th July 2015 9:37am
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