Updating KFLOP Firmware

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First Download and install our PC Software.  This includes a USB Driver directory with the Windows Hardware Driver for KFLOP.  Whenever prompted to find drivers for KFLOP you should navigate to this directory.  If KFLOP has already been connected it is likely to be shown in the Window's Device Manager as an Unknown Device with a Yellow indication. In this case right click and select "Update Driver" and follow the prompts to direct windows to the USB Driver folder.

Updating KFLOP Firmware

The error:

DSP Kflop out of date stamp does not match Kflop firmware, use flash/config screen and download new version

indicates that the PC Version of the software that you have

installed doesn't match the firmware software that has been flashed internally into KFLOP.  To update the firmware in KFLOP to match the version of software you are using perform the following steps:

  1. Run KMotion.exe
  2. Open the Config/Flash Screen
  3. Depress the "New Version" Button
  4. Respond "Yes" to the "Are you sure you wish to proceed?" Prompt
  5. Select "Open" to the displayed firmware file
  6. wait for the Flash operation to complete
  7. Select "OK"to the Flash Operation Complete message
  8. Cycle Power on KFLOP (or enter Reboot! on the Console Screen)

You may enter the "Version" command on the KMotion Console Screen to verify that the Version of firmware running in KFLOP now matches the Version of software installed on the PC.  To check the Version of Software running on the PC select Help | About in KMotion or Right click the Title bar in KMotionCNC and select About KMotionCNC.