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Hi Tom,
After much digging, I did find a post processor file in the Freemill site and it seems to work! 
Just an FYI:
The (freemill) instructions installing it were not accurate so if you run into this in the future the processor is downloaded at :
And then the file is installed into
C:\ProgramData\MecSoft Corporation\VisualCAM 2014\Posts\MILL
Thanks for your rapid reply!

AutoDesk Fusion 360

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Alexander (Александр Украинец) contributed two Posts.  One for Mill and one for Lathe (the .txt extension should be removed)



Fusion360_KFLOP_Turning_Rev2.cps.txt (Added thread cutting G32)

mirocha posted this file on cnczone

KMotionCNC Fusion Post Processor

Post Processor for Fusion 360, I built a DIY 3 axia router, built to mill aluminum, 40 mm anti backlash ball screws, 3 hp spindle, stout machine. My programing computer hard drive crashed, new hard drive and reloaded Fusion 360 took hours to find the post processor file I was using and has worked for a few years with no problems. Below is the post processor for fusion 360 that I use. In my case I zero the XYZ to the piece, I do not have a tool changer, when I create the g code in Fusion 360 I create the g code for each tool separately, run the program, manually change the tool and run the next program for the next tool. This has worked great for me.

If your a DIY and need a post processor for fusion 360 this one works for Kflop/Kmotion, What I did was made a copy of one of the fusion 360 stock .cps files that are in fusion 360, open the KmotionCNC.pdf in notepad copy what is in the pdf over the stock .cps file and renamed it KmotionCNC


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