KFLOP User C Programs Compiling/Launching Slowly because of Windows Defender

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KMotionCNC, the GCode Compiler, .NET, and Motion Libraries often Compile/Download C Programs to KFLOP using the Open Source DSP Compiler TCC67.exe.  This might happen when a button (or slider) is pushed in KMotionCNC, or an MCode is executed, or your .NET App calls a function.

The TCC67.exe compiler is normally very fast.  It can normally be launched, compile a program, and terminate in approximately 80ms.  However with Windows Defender active in some cases we have seen it take well over 1000ms (1 second) before the TCC67.exe is launched to begin execution by Windows.  Other Anti-Virus Programs may have a similar issue.

To eliminate this delay Windows Defender might be disabled.  To Disable Windows Defender open Windows Defender and open Virus & threat protection settings.  Then turn Real-time Protection off as shown below.


If it is not desirable to disable Windows Defender entirely you might add an Exclusion to Windows Defender so it does not check anything in your KMotion Installation including the TCC67.exe Compiler.  To add an exclusion (in Windows 10) scroll to the bottom of Virus & threat protection settings and select Exclusions.


Then Select add an Exclusion of type Folder and select the KMotion Installation Folder.