Post-processor for BobCad Program

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Post-processor for BobCad Program

Post by larryjamessmith » Tue Jun 09, 2020 6:04 pm

I have been designing with BobCad for a couple years. I cut all parts on my KFLOPS-based mill using Kmotion. I recently commissioned the folks at BobCad to write a custom post-processor for Kmotion. I have verified that it works with several of my models and attached it here to share with any Kmotion users who want it. The only operation which I found that does not yet operate correctly is the G87 cycle which they will resolve. If you find any other issues please let me know and I will pass on to BobCad to add to my ticket before they close it out. You need to change the file extension from .TXT to .BCPST before it will work.

Larry Smith
Custom Kflops-Dynomotion.txt
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Re: Post-processor for BobCad Program

Post by TomKerekes » Tue Jun 09, 2020 10:39 pm

Hi Larry,

Thanks so much for posting this. I added a link from our wiki.

Tom Kerekes
Dynomotion, Inc.

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