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Kanalog Hardware Info

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Forum Threads on Setup and Tuning
==Testing Analog Amplifiers==
One way to perform a basic test of an Analog Amplifier to see if it is working and likely capable of being driven by a Kanalog DAC Output is to apply a small voltage to the input to see if the motor drives.  A 1.5V battery in series with a 1K Ohm resistor is one possible voltage source.  The 1K Ohm resistor should limit the current in case a mistake is made.  When applied the motor should drive at a controlled 15% (Speed if the drive is in Velocity mode, or torque if in torque mode).  Reversing the battery should reverse the motor direction.
==Forum Threads on Setup and Tuning==
[ Anilam/ supermax Frankenstein project using Dynomotion Kflop and Kanalog boards]