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KFLOP IDC Connectors and Cables
===Wiring Topics===
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====KFLOP IDC Connectors and Cables====
Cables that connect between Dynomotion boards are normally included when purchasing the boards together.  They are also very common and easy to make.  <br /><br />Use '''16-conductor or 26-conductor ribbon cable''' (0.05 inch pitch 26 AWG preferrably or 28AWG) and IDC sockets.<br /><br />
16 conductor ribbon cable 3M part number 3801/16 100 <br /><br /><br />26 conductor ribbon cable 3M part number C3801/26 100 <br /><br /><br />Winford also sells ribbon cable (although only the thinner 28 AWG):<br /><br /><br />Note you can usually tear off wires to reduce the number of conductors.  For example from 26 down to 16.  Tear off the conductors away from the red stripe that marks pin 1.<br /><br />The '''crimp tools''' are common:<br /><br />[[File:RibbonCrimp.png|none|link=]]<br /><br />'''IDC Sockets 16-pin '''(pin pitch 0.1 inch)<br /><br />Assman Part number AWP 16-7240-T
'''IDC Sockets 26-pin '''(pin pitch 0.1 inch)'''<br />'''