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/* How to convert a milling machine to a 3D printer in 3 easy steps */
HiTec Type
==<br /><br />How to convert a milling machine to a 3D printer in 3 easy steps==
===Hardware requirements===
Controls feeding the material into the hot end.
Metal Bowden Extruder for 1.75mm filament with stepper motor. Can be driven by KSTEP. (e.g.: All Metal V6 Hotend 1.75mm Bowden Extruder Prusa i3, around $25).<br data-attributes="%20/"><br data-attributes="%20/">
[[File:KNozz.png|none|link=|none]]<br/><br/>KNozz is designed to control the Nozzle Heater and Bed Heater for an Extrusion Type 3D Printer.
<br data-attributes="/"> KNozz provides two Thermistor Inputs to allow KFLOP to monitor the temperature of both the Extruder Nozzle and Bed Heater Platform.&nbsp; 12-bit ADC converter provides better than 1 degree C temperature repeatability.
<br/> 6 Axes Cable Robot (Geppetto) controlled by Dynomotion KFLOP 3D Prints parts. Extrusion Head added to Geppetto End Effector. Demonstrates 7 axes of coordinated motion and kinematics.
==International and other Languages==