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Kanalog Hardware Info

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==Relay Drivers / Grounding==
The 8 Relay drivers are open collector type (switch to GND) capable of switching loads up to 1Amp at up 24V.  They share a common GND with Kanalog (are not isolated).  The outputs on Kanalog are not guaranteed to power up off until after KFLOP has booted.  The additional SWE relay driver should be used as a master enable to avoid momentary power up issues.  SWE is guaranteed to remain off until after all the Kanalog Outputs have been initialized off.
Kanalog has a single GND common to KFLOP, control logic, relay drivers, and Analog signals.  The GND should normally be isolated from Earth GND to avoid ground loops and injecting earth GND noise into Kanalog/KFLOP DC GND.  Standoff mounting holes are completely isolated with the exception of the GND lug holes marked "GND".
The Opto Inputs and Outputs are fully isolated.