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Kanalog Hardware Info

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I think our software/documents some what over use the word '''channel''' which can confusion. There are Motor Axis Channels, DAC Output Channels, and Encoder Input Channels which are all different things.   This diagram may help:
[ KFLOP Functional Diagram]<br /><br />Any KFLOP Motor Axis Channel can be configured to make use of any DAC or any Encoder by specifying the Input and Output channels. See:<br /> [ Configuration ScreenInput Channels]<br /><br />The <span class="skimlinks-unlinked">KanalogInitialPID.mot</span> configuration file is an example of a Kanalog Axis using DAC #0 and Encoder #0.  If simply loaded into multiple Motor Axis Channels it will configure all the Motor Axis to all use DAC 0 and Encoder 0 as their I/O devices.<br /><br />So for example for the Second Motor:
# select Axis Channel #1
# load the <span class="skimlinks-unlinked">KanalogInitialPID.mot</span> configuration
# '''Change the Input Channel and Output Channel settings''' to the Encoder and DAC you want that motor to use (ie. #1 and #1)<br /><br />
==Testing Analog Amplifiers==