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Kanalog Hardware Info

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/* Drive Enables */
==Drive Enables - Axis Drift with Servo Disabled -Power up Issues==
Unlike digital values, analog values will always have some amount of noise and error on both inputs and outputs.  This means that commanding Zero Volts is unlikely to be ever be exactly Zero and some small torque or drift will occur with Zero Volts commanded.  The only way to guarantee no motor drive is to disable the Drive.
Kanalog is designed to be precise and linear but not highly accurate (+/- 1% components are used).  Absolute accuracy on the servo output is not normally a requirement for good servo control.    This is not a problem when the servo is enabled as the servo will command whatever output necessary to hold the desired position.   However whenever the servo is disabled the Drive should also be disabled to avoid any motor drive or drift.
The Drive enable signals can be interfaced to KFLOP.  Any I/O can be used as the Drive enables are handled in software as a User Program (see the watchenable.c example).
Often the Kanalog Relay Driver Outputs or Opto Isolated Outputs can be used for Drive Enables.
However please note that unfortunately the Kanalog Outputs Power up in an initially undetermined state for several seconds until KFLOP boots up.  If this is a problem for your system then another means of keeping the Drives disabled should be used during initial power up.  The Kanalog SWE Relay Output Driver is guaranteed to remain disabled until KFLOP fully boots and all Kanalog Outputs are initialized to the off state.
==Forum Threads on Setup and Tuning==
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