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Help:New Page Creation

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# Create an account and confirm through e-mail
# Click 'edit' on the on the page or section where you want the link to your page to appear
# Place the cursor on the line where you want your link and either right-click and choose "insert/edit link" or click on the "insert/edit link" in the visual editor menu bar
# A pop-up window will appear, insert a descriptive page title in the Page field and allow enough time for the field to complete searching.  Once the field has completed searching for pages of the same title, add a brief description which will become the linked text on the page.
Tips for creating pages:
* Choose a descriptive page name and link text: e.g. Not "My Machine", but rather "Brand X Three Axis Milling Machine Retrofit"
* Create pages in an organized manner: Describe what the page is about, create clear sections that flow