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Help:Editing Pages

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To make editing pages easier for everyone, we have installed a [ visual editor] by default.  This visual editor allows you to edit a wiki page much like you would a standard word processing document. Standard [ MediaWiki editing] may also be used using the <nowiki>[[]] </nowiki> symbol on the edit tool bar or set as the default in your User Preferences.
To begin editing pages:
# First create an account and confirm your account through e-mail
# Once confirmed, click the 'pencil' icon on any section or the 'edit' link at the top of the page
# Use the visual editor toolbar to add links, change font formatting, set hierarchy of headings, insert tables and media
# Save the page periodically so you don't lose your work and to see how your changes looks as you edit
This page is under construction, feel free to add to it!