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Help:Editing Pages

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==Introduction==To make editing pages easier for everyone, we have installed a [ visual editor] by default.  This visual editor allows you to edit a wiki page much like you would a standard word processing document. Standard [ MediaWiki editing] may also be used using the symbol on edit the tool bar or set as the default in your User Preferences. ==Tips==* Right-Clicking with the mouse is a shortcut  to insert Links or images. * For Spell Correction use Ctrl-Right-Click.  * To insert a YouTube Video it is required to use an EmbedVideo command such as <nowiki><span id="bs_template:@@@TPL0@@@" class="mceNonEditable template" data-bs-name="#ev" data-bs-type="template" data-bs-id="0">{{ #ev }}</span></nowiki> with xxxxxx changed to the Video ID.