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Help:New Page Creation

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To create a new wiki page, first create a link from the main page where your page best fits. To do this, click 'edit' on the on the main page.  With Visual Editor enabled (by default) place the cursor on a new line in the section from which you want to link. Then insert a link by typing <nowiki><nowiki>[[</nowiki></nowiki> followed by the page name then followed by <nowiki>]]<nowiki></nowiki></nowiki> <nowiki>.  If you want the page name to be different than the link text you can separate the link by typing | between the link and the text.  Se examples below:<br /></nowiki>
<nowiki>[[insert page name | insert linked text]]<nowiki></nowiki></nowiki>
<nowiki>[[Wiring Single Ended Encoders | Information on how to wire single-ended encoders]]<nowiki></nowiki></nowiki>