FeedHold Limitations

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FeedHold Limitations

Post by marker » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:57 am


The following problem arose

If you press the Halt button while driving in KmotionCNC, it will stop.
Next, click the Start button to continue.
If you then click the FeedHold button, then the Forward / Reverse buttons will become available.

But at the same time, the movement back will be limited by the coordinates obtained by previous pressing the Halt button.

How to bypass this restriction?

I need both modes in my machine (Halt and FeedHold)

Halt mode is necessary for the possibility of uncoordinated movement along the axes (Jog).

Thanks for the replies (sorry for my english)

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Re: FeedHold Limitations

Post by TomKerekes » Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:41 pm

Hi marker,

Sorry the motion path can not be reversed past where it was started.

Tom Kerekes
Dynomotion, Inc.

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