Shizouka ST-N Matchmaker retrofit

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Shizouka ST-N Matchmaker retrofit

Post by Moray » Sun Dec 22, 2019 8:31 pm

This mill has been sat in my workshop since before I bought the Denford Cyclone lathe, but it kept getting bumped down the roundtuit list, as other machines have taken priority. I think since this machine got rolled into place, a Denford Novamill has been and gone (bought as I needed to make tool holders for the Cyclone, and it happened to turn up at a reasonable price just as I was looking), my little 3040 based digitising machine has been built, and I've bought and retrofitted a Denford Triac mill.

However, as I do various repair work, something capable of handling big lumps of metal is needed, and I've got a plan for a replacement for my Denford Cyclone that will need a big mill to make, so this has finally reached the top of the Roundtuit list.
It's an old Matchmaker CNC conversion that was based on a Shizouka ST-N mill. Think a bit bigger than Bridgeport size, but far sturdier Japanese construction!
It originally left Matchmaker as a stepper driven machine, but at some point in it's history, it got retrofitted with a Heidenhain servo system. The previous owner bought it solely to get the Heidenhain system off it for spares for the Interacts that he ran (or at least that his son ran, as he personally thought they were rubbish!), so I bought the mill as it stands for a bit over scrap value.

Over the years I've had it, I have managed to repair the auto-lube system (needed a new filter, a couple corroded pipes replaced, along with a few blocked metering valves), and get new wiring in for the Summit "one arm bandit" toolchanger pneumatics, and the limit switches. The spindle motor has also been off to free-off the corroded and seized vari-speed system.

So as a few Dynomotion boards turned up yesterday, I thought I'd start a thread about the retrofit.

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Re: Shizouka ST-N Matchmaker retrofit

Post by cnytbsk » Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:03 am

hello moray;

Nice project and good luck..
Royal Tech.

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