Axys intermittent stop

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Axys intermittent stop

Post by 4minnovations » Mon May 31, 2021 6:06 pm

Hi Tom,

The machine works well for a long time. On the other hand, it continues to stop because of the axis 3 (elevator) which falls disabled.

I send you a picture of the machine, you can see the elevator (orange comb at the bottom left), the X axis (axis 0) and the Y (axis 1) axis which move the black clamp with the bag, and the axis 2 ( the gripper turns).

The four axes have been working with a new snapamp for a month.

I am sending you a picture of snap0 and axis when the machine in operation. (I have videos of it too)

Do you have any idea of the problem?

The temperature (Temperature #5 of inMotion.png) of 45 C is ok?

The c program InitAxes is launch before the master.

Here is the line of code that triggers the error (in master):
PAL-Master-with XPSAF-v1-modTom.c
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in motion.png

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Re: Axys intermittent stop

Post by TomKerekes » Mon May 31, 2021 8:21 pm


Is there anything printed on the KMotion Console? The only way an axis should disable is from Max Following Error, Limit switch, or if you disable it. It seems Limts are not configured.

45C should be ok. The outputs disable at 70C.

Axis 3 seems to take a fair amount of current. Your screen shot shows 7+ amps. What are the peaks during normal operation? Do you have good margins?

You might use the attached program to help understand what is going on. Did I send you that before? It uses a 2000 sample circular buffer continuously collecting data (13 values each sample). If any axis becomes disabled it Triggers, captures 20 more samples, then dumps the data to a file. Because of limited line length it is dumped in 2 sections. Time and 6 values and then another block of Time and 6 values. This should help understand what happened before the disable occurred.
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Re: Axys intermittent stop

Post by 4minnovations » Tue Jun 01, 2021 12:46 pm

Thanks a lot Tom,

I will check the normal motor amperage next time.

I will also try to apply your circular buffer.

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