Need help recovering KFOP board, not detected

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Need help recovering KFOP board, not detected

Post by Hexel » Mon Feb 01, 2021 8:52 pm


Need help with recovering my KFlop board, it`s not detected as USB device at all. OS is Win7 x64 pro. Leds not light nor flash, looks like flash content is copletely corrupted.
I bought this board locally, it was declared to be brand new, from a abandoned project. For a once, i was able to connect to it, saw a flashing light and could send some commands. It is my first introduction to KFlop system, so I can be vague in descriptions - correct me if I wrong. PC lost connection to board suddenly, I can`t really say what`s gone wrong, I connected it only via USB cable just to see it`s working, with no any other connections or external devices. After few minutes is disappeared from devices list.
Having experience with board and formware design, I tried diagnosing it myself. 5V seems to come to board, 3V3, 2V5 and 1V2 voltages present, "reset" test point is at 3.3 volts, so reset is released, I beleive. But, #Reset pin of FTDI IF chip is at 0.19 volts, so it`s not detected. If I put multimeter in diode test mode and touch this pin with Plus probe, having Minus at GND, FTDI chip appears in Device Manager. While holding probes, I try to perform firmware recovery via KMotion, it prompts to power cycle board, tries to download DSPKFLOP.out, but "Communication Error with KFLOP" message appears, no matter what I tried.
Other PC or OS change nothing. No overheating elements on board, nor visible/measurable damage to components, soldering defects. Meanwhile I can try to resolder it entierly, if there`s no some specific precautions. For me it will be difficult to send it for repair, as it will cost approximatelly as new board ordering.
Can you give me some ideas to try? I really like yoru project and have own CNC project to put it into and very confused with such situation.

Hope for you help!

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Re: Need help recovering KFOP board, not detected

Post by TomKerekes » Mon Feb 01, 2021 9:52 pm

Hi Hexel,

Sorry to hear that. Hard to say what happened or what is wrong. Most everything has to work for KFLOP to boot. We don't find it cost effective to repair boards.

Contact support @ and we can offer a 20% discount on a new board if that helps.

Tom Kerekes
Dynomotion, Inc.

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