Rigid Taping - DAC closed loop Spindle

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Rigid Taping - DAC closed loop Spindle

Post by Mateusz » Sun Jun 16, 2019 7:54 pm

Hello Tom,

I'm very eager to give a go with Rigid Tap functionality. I went thru different forums and still is something missing.
Starting from beginning,
- I found this Patch KiT https://dynomotion.com/Software/Patch/A ... dTapV434h/ .DO I have to replace some of the files in GCodeInterpeter Catalogue ?

- My Spindle is DAC closed loop setup. I'm running CW and CCW over OnCWJog.c and OnCCWJog.c scripts and analog +/-10V. I'could not find any example how to configure such case. In most cases people were changing bits.

- I'm worry about position overshoots during direction change from M3 to M4 or M5 for example. I found this during my tests.
When I'm starting spindle with command M3, Axis Dest = Position spindle starts nicely and there is no noticeable speed fluctuations.
Afterwards I'm switching Spindle off with M5 command, this situation generates situation Axis Dest > Position (because stop ramp in VFD is much more sharper then set during tuning) . Now I'm starting Spindle again with M3, Spindle Overshoots badly :) goes nuts in every direction until stabilises (overshooting 15kW in both direction makes you think..). To overcome this problem I placed DisableAxis command in OffJog.c and EnableAxis in OnCWJog.c This little change has fixed the problem noticeably, but I'm nut sure how this will work with Tapping ;)

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Re: Rigid Taping - DAC closed loop Spindle

Post by TomKerekes » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:52 am

Hi Mateusz,

That G84 patch is not required if you are using Release Version 4.34 or later.

In your case it will probably be better to never disable your drives. Or if you do, do it after you have commanded the speed to zero and waited for the Axis to be finished decelerating to a stop.

Tom Kerekes
Dynomotion, Inc.

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