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Re: Spray Robot

Post by TomKerekes » Wed Aug 19, 2020 6:12 pm

Hi Scott,

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

There should be ways to make the motion smoother if necessary. Maybe just less acceleration or Coordinated Motion Low Pass Filtering.

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Re: Spray Robot

Post by CNC_Machines » Thu Aug 20, 2020 7:43 pm

Thanks Tom! I will check it out, a lot of the jerkyness has to do with the mechanics. The entire assembly is 3D printed. In order to make a solid connection between the plastic pieces and the gearbox shafts, I 3D printed an adapter out of steel with a key slot. It was my first attempt to print metal and there is a lot of slop in the keyway.

I thought it would be nice to wrap up the post with the final code that I wrote..
Two Axis Robot.xlsx
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