can't open emc.var

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can't open emc.var

Post by xdmattz » Wed Aug 05, 2020 1:37 am

(or anybody else who might know the answer!)

I'm trying to write a C# (WPF) program with your .net libraries to talk to my KFLOP board. I am using VS2015 and after some fits and starts am able to compile the .net libraries in BuildAllLibs.sln.

I can also build and run all the examples in the PC VCS Examples directory.

I started to build a new application based on the SimpleGCode example and I'm seeing some strange things I'm hoping you can help me out with.

I tried to sandbox the new project and copy all the DLLs to the Debug1 folder as described here ... ncies.html

I am able to connect to the KFLOP board, I can download a C Program to it.
I cannot get KMotion to run at the same time so I can monitor the console output from the KFLOP board like it does with KMotionCNC. This also seens to not work with the SimpleGCode example either. I thought that this might have something to do with the C# application running under the debugger in VS, but I really don't know.

I was able to kind of get around this by adding a callback in my application that writes the console message to a text box.
KM.MessageReceived += new KMotion_dotNet.KMConsoleHandler(Console_Msg_Update);

From this I can tell that I can load a C program into thread 1 and can stop and start it from the application, so I must be getting somethings right.

My biggest problem right now is that when I try to execute a Gcode program I get a message box that says "unable to open file ..... \KMotion
The code I tried to use for opening the Gcode and starting it looks like this:

private void btnGCode_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
// open a GCode file
var GFile = new OpenFileDialog();
GFile.DefaultExt = ".ngc";
GFile.Filter = "ngc Files (*.ngc)|*.ngc|Text Files (*.txt)|*.txt|Tap Files (*.tap)|*.tap|GCode (*.gcode)|*.gcode|All Files (*.*)|*.*";
if (GFile.ShowDialog() == true)
tbGCodeFile.Text = GFile.FileName;


private void btnCycleStart_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
if (ExecutionInProgress == true) return; // if already running then ignore
ExecutionInProgress = true;
KM.CoordMotion.Abort(); // make sure that everything is cleared
KM.CoordMotion.Interpreter.InitializeInterpreter(); <---- I'm fairly certain that this is the call that is failing
catch (Exception ex)
MessageBox.Show($"File not found '{ex}'");
Set_Fixture_Offset(2, 2, 3, 0); // Set X, Y, Z for G55
KM.CoordMotion.Interpreter.Interpret(tbGCodeFile.Text); // Execute the File!

I tried to copy this almost verbatim from your SimpleGCode example - which doesn't give me this error.

I've just started learning WPF for this project so it's very possible (and highly likely) I've made some stupid mistake. I have some experience with windows forms and C#, but I'm not a professional programmer (Professional RF/Analog Hardware designer - but that doesn't seem to help here.)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running KMotion435b. (since you always ask)

Thanks for your time!

Dan Matthews

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Re: can't open emc.var

Post by TomKerekes » Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:50 pm

Hi Dan,

The KMotion Libraries expect a certain directory structure to be able to find all the executables, libraries, and data files. If you target your executable to be placed into C:\KMotion435b\KMotion\Debug like all our examples then things should work without problems.

Otherwise the Interpreter requires a "var" file to load/save its GCode Variables. A default file called emc.var is located in the C:\KMotion435b\KMotion\Data directory. You can create your own "var" file, place it wherever you want, and tell the Interpreter its name and path using the VarsFile Property.


Tom Kerekes
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Re: can't open emc.var

Post by xdmattz » Thu Aug 06, 2020 1:54 am

Thanks Tom!

That has gotten me past this hurdle.

I can tell I've still got a lot to learn on this, but at least I'm moving again.

Dan M.

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