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Keep Thread running

Post by ZBY6933 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:40 pm

I am setting up a KCNC application flashed with Thread 7 as a launch on powerup. The rest of the threads are launched with user buttons.

When the Stop button on KCNC screen is pushed the axes stop and all the
threads stop running.

How can I keep Thread 7 running when the Stop button is pushed?
Thread 7 has no motion in it, just I/O activation.

By the way, I figured out how to make this work for me but there may be a better way.

On the User Buttons page, I linked Thread 7 to run when Stop button was pushed. It worked but at first I couldn't tell if the Thread 7 would be started then stopped by the Stop button function or if the thread would be started AFTER the Stop button function had stopped all the threads.


Tom's suggestion:

I suppose that should work. Thread #1 is not stopped on Aborts so you might also use that instead of #7.


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