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G41, G42, G2, and G3 problems

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2022 12:51 pm
by gui_marchioro

I am getting some warnings when trying to run G code generated by AlphaCam.
One of them is that when G2 or G3 command uses I and J parameters, KMotionCNC shows the following warning. The same does not occurs if instead of I, and J, the parameter R is used.
Another problem is with respect to tool compensation (G41 and G42). For instance, when I try to execute the G code presented below I get an error saying "Concave corner with cutter radius comp" on line N80. What I intent to draw with the code below is just a circle with 9 mm radius, using a tool that has 14 mm diameter.

Code: Select all

N10 G40 G49
N20 G54
N30 G0 X0 Y0 Z0
N40 M3 S1000
N50 G43 H1
N60 G41 D1
N70 Y-9
N80 G3 Y9 R9
N90 Y-9 R9
N100 G1 Y0
N110 M30
How can I overcome these problems? Is there a recommended post processor for AlphaCam?