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  • High-powered controller that uses a DSP (1.2 GFLOP) and an FPGA (100k Gate)
  • 90 us Sample Times (for all axes, inclusive)
  • 8 Controlled Axes (Microstep / Servo / Brush / Brushless / Step&Dir)
  • 46 General Purpose LVTTL I/O
  • 8 Single-ended Encoder Inputs
  • 8 66KHz PWM Outputs
  • 8 2.5MHz Step&Dir
  • Compensation: PID+(3) IIR bi-quad stages/axis
  • Feed Forward: Acceleration + Velocity
  • Ideal choice for Stepper Motor applications
  • 4 Axes of coordinated motion - 16X microstepping
  • 1 Spindle control
  • Stack 2 KSteps for 8 axes
  • Efficiently provides up to 5 Amps
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • 16 Fully optically isolated inputs; 11-25V
  • 2 Fully optically isolated outputs; 30V Max, 100ma Max; 1 Analog output which is great for spindle control
  • Easily swappable pluggable screw terminals
  • Most Popular for CNC applications
  • ±10V Analog Servo Interface for 8 controlled axes
  • 8 ADC ±10V inputs
  • 8 Fully optically isolated inputs; 3-24V
  • 8 Digital source/sink inputs
  • 8 DAC ±10V
  • 8 Fully optically isolated outputs; 80V Max
  • 8 Digital source/sink outputs
  • Easily swappable pluggable screw terminals
  • Popular for High-Power applications
  • Drive 2 Brushless or 4 Brushed Servos or 2 Steppers
  • Stack 2 SnapAmps for twice as many controlled axes
  • PWMs at 32.5KHz
  • 8 fully optically isolated inputs
  • 4 Differential encoder inputs
  • 14 General purpose LVTTL I/O
  • Supports 10-80VDC motor power supply per side, independent
  • Protect your investment with optically isolated I/O
  • 32 Fully optically isolated inputs; 4.75-25V
  • 16 Fully optically isolated outputs; 30V Max, 0.25A Max
  • Stack up to 4 to quadruple I/O
  • Easily swappable pluggable screw terminals
  • ADC Nozzle Thermistor Input for Temperature Measurement
  • ADC Bed Thermistor Input for Temperature Measurement
  • 20Amp 48V Opto-Iso FET Switch for Nozzle Heater Element
  • 20Amp 48V Opto-Iso FET Switch for Bed Heater Element
  • Heater Switch Watch Dog
  • Isolated PWM to Analog Converter

Software Options

Kmotion Software KMotionCNC Software Custom Development, Third Party Software Compatibility and Plugins
  • Write programs in C
  • Tune and set system parameters and download to KFLOP
  • Poll KFLOP for current system parameters
  • Manage KFLOP firmware
  • Run G Code
  • 3D G Code Viewer/Backplotter
  • Set tooling preferences
  • Set Trajectory Planning parameters
  • Define user buttons
  • Start/Halt/Jog axes
  • Write custom software to run KFLOP with our .NET libraries
  • Compatible with VisualC++, VisualBasic, C#, and any .NET-compatible language
  • LabVIEW-compatible via .NET interface
  • Mach3 plugin included for Mach3 Compatibility

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