Upgrading from previous KMotion Versions

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In most cases multiple Versions of KMotion can be installed on the same computer as long as they are installed in separate directories.  By default KMotion installs into C:\KMotionXXX where XXX is derived from the Version number (ie. KMotion433) and is simply a file copy operation with a few Start Menu links.

Note: that using Mach3 is an exception and requires a "App Paths" Registry Entry in order for Mach3 to find the correct Version of KMotion Support files so to switch Versions of KMotion or Mach3 the KMotion Installation needs to be run or re-run to establish this registry link (or edit the registry manually).

\Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Mach3.exe should contain a path entry to the \KMotion\Release directory of the installed version of KMotion.

Always make sure you maintain a backup of your KMotion Installation Directory and any C Programs or other files that you have created or modified.  Note that re-installing into an existing installation directory will overwrite some configuration files with defaults which may cause your files to be lost.

Applications such as KMotion.exe and KmotionCNC.exe are located in the \KMotion\Release Directory.  By executing from one installation directory or the other different Versions may be used.  However KFLOP Firmware must always be flashed to match the KMotion PC Software Version that you are currently running.

Note: Flashing New Version to KFLOP will erase any Flashed User Programs or Data previously Flashed into KFLOP.  We don't recommend Flashing any User Data or Programs to KFLOP for this reason as KFLOP can easily be fully configured via an Initialization C Program.  However if your system requires Flashed Programs and Data for whatever reason you will need to consider and upgrade those as required.

User Files such as Initialization C Files and such are usually best located in a common separate directory outside of the KMotion Installation Directory in order to make Upgrades to new versions cleaner.  Note that other referenced files may also need to be copied to that directory.  However KMotionDef.h is specific to a particular Version and should not be ever copied or relocated.

Application Settings are normally located in files that reside in the \KMotion\Data Directory.  By copying the files within the Data directory from one Version to another most all settings can usually be migrated from one Version to the other.  Verify screen settings in the New Version are correct before running your system.  Note: The entire configuration of KMotionCNC (including all the tool setup parameters etc.) is stored in a single text file, by default called “GCodeConfigCNC.txt“, which is located in that same directory. Parameters newly added should default to default settings.  Verify these are appropriate for your system.

It is not normally necessary to update KFLOP USB Window's Drivers if they have been working correctly in the previous Version.  If desired use Window's Device Manager to update the Device Drivers by navigating to the USB Driver directory in the new installation. 

In summary the normal procedure for upgrading a system:

  • Backup
  • Download/Install New Version to default directory
  • Copy/Paste files within previous \KMotion\Data to new \KMotion\Data
  • Run New KMotion.exe (Select "ok" to any Status Record miss-match messages)
  • use Config/Flash Screen to Flash New Version
  • Reboot KFLOP and Exit KMotion.exe
  • Run your normal App (KMotionCNC) and verify it is configured properly