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To create a new wiki page, first create a link from the main page where your page best fits.  To do this, click 'edit' on the on the main page.  With Visual Editor enabled (by default) place the cursor on a new line in the section from which you want to link.  Then click the "insert/edit link" button in the visual editor menu.  Then insert a descriptive page title ("Page") and description which will be the linked text on the page.

insert link.gif

Click "OK", then save the page and click on the link you just created, ignore the advice to click the back button and instead click on the "Empty Page" link as shown below and start editing!


Tips for creating pages:

  • Choose a descriptive page name and link text: Not "My Machine", but rather "Three Axis Milling Machine Retrofit"
  • Create pages in an organized manner: Describe what the page is about, create clear sections that flow