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5 Reasons for Using Customized Lapel Pins

one year and 5 months ago - Francisco Troutt

If you want to promote your brand or support any team, then wearing custom lapel pins is a good option. Custom lapel pins are effective way of marketing any product or event as well as they also helps in promoting the conference or meetings meant for good cause such as cancer awareness programs or environment protection awareness programs.

There are various applications of personalized lapel pins and lanyards. A few of the important applications of lapel pins are given below:

· To indicate the designation:

Lapel pins or lanyards can be used for indicating the designation of the employees and can also be used for distinguishing the workers who are working for special cause.

· To reward employees for their achievements:

Lapel pins play a vital role in events, contests and competitions as they can be offered as rewards to the winners. These lapel pins or lanyards can also be offered...